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“If more people could play like 20-year-old Chogyi Lama, who dazzled a big crowd for more than 2 1/2 hours on Thursday night at Woodstock’s Colony, the guitar would still rule! Richie Havens’s staggeringly gifted grandson sang and played with assured grace and guts. An electric trio configuration blew us away with ‘Voodoo Child’ and ‘Little Wing’ after an early acoustic medley swept through ‘All Along the Watchtower’ into ‘Little Red Corvette.’ I heard strong traces of the immortal Shuggie Otis in his own writing. I’ve seen many dominant guitar greats on stage in their prime: Richards, Hendrix, Gill, Clapton, Young, Allman/Betts, King, Kaukonen, Townshend, etc. This phenom’s prime awaits, but man …” —Peter Christian Hall

Big thanks for this killer review in a time when show reviews are few and far between! 


“He’s got a really soulful vibe voice,” says Debra Devi in regards to Lama. “His guitar playing is also out of this world.”

2019 Clearwater Festival Day 1 pics & review


“On March 29th, musician Chogyi Lama, grandson of singer-songwriter and guitarist Richie Havens, performed at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts at the historic site of the 1969 Woodstock festival to officially open the nonprofit cultural art organization’s Season of Song and Celebration. (READ MORE)


“No legend in the making is impervious to the first gush of early praise. But a roster of remarkable players have much to say on behalf of Chogyi Lama…”  (READ MORE)


“Chogyi Lama is the real deal, a true genius when it comes to guitar and other instruments, he is the grandson of Richie Havens and Yung Genius of Brains fam, he’s currently starting production on multiple projects, also kids a sic skater” (READ MORE)

“To recreate this album in its entirety, bassist-bandleader Scott Petito assembled a large group of the Hudson Valley’s top musicians of multiple genres to present “The White Album: 50 Years” at Woodstock’s Bearsville Theater…” (READ MORE)



Bad Brains played a secret set at Darryl Jenifer’s art show (pics, setlist HERE)

“The music started with Daryl, Jamie, Chogyi and drummer Benny who I believe called themselves The Pyramid. For the second song, the Bad Brains took over the stage and played the reggae song “Jah Love” followed by “Youth Are Getting Restless,” which got the crowd going. Things stepped up further when the played “Re-Ignition.” Then there were more surprises. Randy Blythe of Lamb of God took over…” (READ MORE)

“Chogyi Lama, 16, and Calvin Alfaro, 17, will serve as musical directors for an event designed to showcase Earth Guardians New York. The new, Woodstock chapter of a global coalition of youth focuses on solutions to climate change and protection of the environment.” (READ MORE)

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