KARMA—written, played, recorded and produced in his home studio. Chogyi’s choice to single-highhandedly create this work was one that afforded him full freedom of expression.

Surprising his audience, who first recognize him as a guitar player and drummer, The bands and artists he supports on the guitar, span a diverse range of genres, from Funk to Hardcore Punk. Chogyi’s first album reflects musicality, vocal range and direction in style that was unexpected.

With a true sense of humility, releasing this (a sure to be classic) album of Neo Soul was not only courageous, but shined a whole new light on his musicianship as a writer and producer. Ten songs delivered with grace and elegance, Karma is a gift from the heart.

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“When I heard Karma for the first time, I realized I was listening to a fully formed artist who had only just turned twenty. Chogyi Lama is definitely a prodigy in his playing, but to also be so soulful and expressive as a musician and songwriter is rare. In his bedroom, little did we know that he was creating something that would sound like this. His sound is soothing with a groove that is both modern and unique. It’s badass!” Simi Stone